God’s Glasses 8

I have revised my eBook, God’s Glasses, to improve readability, improve formatting and fix typing errors. You can download the ePub and pdf versions for free from http://whr.idx.com.au/downloads.htm.


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God answers prayer

The Illawarra Prayer Network has been encouraging Christians to pray for the last 15 years. Here you can encourage others to pray by recounting a story of answered prayer. Remember that this is a public post and  other people’s privacy should be respected.

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One in Christ



The One in Christ Bible Study Guide with a series of six Bible Studies on church unity is now available for free download in various eBook formats and from most retailers including SmashwordsBarnes & Noble and Amazon (although Amazon charges 98c). I would like to thank Raymond Williamson, General Secretary of the NSW Ecumenical Council from 1986 to 2007, for contributing two essays on ecumenism to assist study group leaders with some theological background material. The PDF, ePub and mobi versions are available for free download from the 5icm Resources page.

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The Atonement, Violence and God.


Attached is an essay that discusses the problem of redemptive violence and proposes a way of looking at the atonement in a way that avoids the implication that the violence of the cross makes God appear vindictive.

My reflection on this issue is ongoing and the current version is dated 17/4/15. I welcome any comments to further advance this study.

I have removed the essay Christ the Saviour because it has been incorporated into my eBook of July 2018 which provides a more complete solution to the problem of violence and atonement. It my be downloaded from the 5icm Resource page and I will attach the PDF file here:


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Made in the Image of God


This essay is a revision of one that I wrote for my theological anthropology subject. It proposes a covenantal meaning of the ‘image of God’ phrase in Gen 1:27 to describe the creation of humanity. When I discovered this interpretation it opened up the possibility of understanding the violence of the cross in a different way. See my ‘Christ the Saviour’ essay in the post on the atonement and violence.

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