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About Five Islands Christian Ministries Inc.

5icm is an umbrella organisation of ecumenical ministries that serve the Illawarra region of Australia (Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama Council areas). Follow the links on the left to find out more about the member ministries: Wollongong Gospel Choir, Illawarra Christians Connect, Revival Ministries and Albion Park Community Church during its start up phase. The Illawarra Prayer Network has been taken over by Together for the Illawarra.

5icm member ministries accept the teaching of the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds and see Christ’s indwelling Holy Spirit as the basis of Christian unity. 5icm supports the churches' work towards greater visible church unity as expressed in the National Council of Churches in Australia Covenant.
  Illawarra churches can covenant locally using the Illawarra Interchurch Covenant. Already 4 churches participate.

Christians believe that God loves people unconditionally. God wants to save them and give them new life. We become a Christian by responding in faith to Jesus’ invitation to be one of God's people. Although there are differences in the teaching, practice, and government of the various churches and denominations, the apostle Paul wrote that we should be “making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3). Christians believe that Christ's Spirit dwells within each of them and that he desires to reach out to everyone with the love of God.

5icm seeks to assist ecumenical ministries so that they will be more effective in serving others. Member ministries benefit from joint incorporation, charity status, insurance, Internet exposure, a contacts database, and prayer support. All Illawarra ministries and churches benefit from the prayer and support of a region-wide Christian network. If you would like further information or are interested in joining, please contact us.

Year History
2005 Wollongong Healing Rooms set-up began. ABN registered. On 21/9/2005 the fortnightly Clearing the Way for Jesus email prayer letter commenced with a distribution of 77 email addresses.
2006 WHR decided to share its insurance and incorporation status with other ministries. Wollongong Healing Rooms name changed to Five Islands Healing Rooms. 5icm was incorporated and charity tax concessions granted. Wollongong Gospel Choir, Illawarra Prayer Network, and Revival Ministries joined.
2007 Revival Ministries conducted outreach meetings at Bellambi. Grace Community conducted an Alpha course. Five Islands Healing Rooms continued to operate twice a month. Clearing the Way for Jesus distribution increased to over 500. Rise Up Illawarra Inc. closed.
2008 Five Islands Healing Rooms closed. 5icm involved in planning for Jesus All about life 2009 campaign. Grace Community formally joined 5icm. 5icm constitution changed to be an umbrella organisation of member ministries. Clearing the Way for Jesus distribution increased to over 1,000.
2009 Life Recovery Ministries joined 5icm. Wollongong Gospel Choir increased to 25 members. Jesus All about life campaign supported by Illawarra Prayer Network. Grace Community organised a Jesus All about life course.
2010 Life Recovery Ministries closed. Illawarra Prayer Network increased to over 1,800 members.
2011 5ICM Blog added to website. Illawarra Prayer Network increased to over 2,200 members.
2012 Revival Ministries conducted an outreach in India. Illawarra Prayer Network increased to over 2,700 members. Wollongong Gospel Choir continued to have regular bookings.
2013 Clearing the Way for Jesus distribution increased to over 3,000. Grace Community started a house church for unchurched people.
2014 Revival Ministries conducted outreach meetings at Warrawong Community Centre throughout the year. Grace Community closed.
Illawarra Christians Connect joined 5icm. Clearing the Way for Jesus distribution increased to over 3,300. Wollongong Gospel Choir and Illawarra Prayer Network involved in supporting the Worship Over Wollongong massed choir combined church event at Wollongong Town Hall.
Illawarra Prayer Network invited churches to participate in an Illawarra Interchurch Covenant.
Clearing the Way for Jesus distribution plateaued at just over 3,500. Other ministries continue to operate.
2020 Albion Park Community Church joined 5icm. The Illawarra Prayer Network transferred to Together for the Illawarra.
Clearing the Way for Jesus distribution increased to over 3,600.

Do you ask for money?
No, and Five Islands Christian Ministries Inc. does not charge for service. 5icm and its member ministries receive donations from those who wish to support these ministries. All funds received go towards the costs in running the ministries and progressing the aims of 5icm. If you want your donation directed to a specific member ministry, just let us know.  

Direct deposits may be made within Australia into the 5icm IMB account
(number available on request)   Cheques made out to “Five Islands Christian Ministries Inc.” may be sent to the contact address below.

Five Islands Christian Ministries is a not-for-profit charity. The Australian Taxation Office classifies 5icm as a religious organisation, so donations are
not tax deductible.
New Members Welcome

Membership is open to both individuals and ecumenical ministries. Anyone wishing to join 5icm needs to be a Christian and agree with the aims of 5icm. There are many possible areas of support including participation in meetings (2 each year), the 5icm website, Facebook Group "Illawarra Christians", the Clearing the Way for Jesus newsletter, the Wollongong Gospel Choir, Gary Hetherington’s Revival Ministries, and Illawarra Christians Connect.

If you are starting, or already running an ecumenical ministry in the Illawarra, why not consider joining together with us for our mutual encouragement, even if your ministry is part of a larger organisation? Send us an email and we will send you our constitution and a listing of all the benefits and responsibilites of joining 5icm.

Contact Details:

Public Officer:   Derek Thompson
Phone:    02 4256 5780

Email:     admin@5icm.org.au
Postal:    1 O'Gorman St,
              Albion Park NSW 2527

ABN 28 067 194 840
Incorporation No. INC9885093

Privacy Statement
Personal information held on the 5icm database may include name, address, email address, phone number, mobile number, church, Christian organisation, prayer group, ministers, church prayer contacts, Facebook address, birthday and 5icm comments about such things as subscription status and church position. No financial account information is included on the 5icm database. Your personal information stored on our database is available to you to read and will not be passed on to a third party. Your personal information may have been obtained from someone else and is usually obtained from publicly available sources on the Internet. You can have your details removed from our  database by sending us an email although a record of your name will be retained on the 5icm database to prevent the information being added again in future. 

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