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Jan 26

The Apostle Paul in “The Acts of the Apostles”

Nearly everything we know about the Apostle Paul’s life is derived from the book of Acts and the collection of Paul’s letters. Sometimes these two sources are difficult to harmonise. This has led some scholars to give lower priority to the historicity of the book of Acts than Paul’s account, which they take as being …

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Jan 26

The Parable of the Wicked Tenants

Exegesis_Mk12_revised  Download this essay about a parable of Jesus in Mark 12:1-12 which raises a number of issues of interpretation.

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Jun 19

Numbers 6:1-21

Nazirite_Vow Introduction There is very little information from ancient documents or epigraphy to enlighten us about the practice of the nazirite vow. Scholars conjecture about what it meant to be a nazirite. Numbers 6:1-21 provides some ritual guidelines from which scholars try to construct a picture together with the narratives on Samson (Judges 13:5; 16:17) …

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