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Jan 19

It’s the law of God, right?

Have you ever heard someone say: “God said it. I believe it. That settles it”? It reminds me of a child responding to a parent’s instruction with “Why?” and the parent saying, “Because I said so.” That ends the conversation. But God wants us to pursue a better knowledge of him. God has authority over …

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Jan 14

Community or Disunity

Building community is all the go in churches these days. Although not a phrase used in Scripture, the disciples of the early church devoted themselves to fellowship (Acts 2:42). God’s people are a community. The Bible uses the metaphors of God’s family and kingdom, but a community of God’s people is a more contemporary expression. …

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Jan 06

Is homosexuality a sin?

What a question! We are all sinners. You are a sinner; I am a sinner, homosexuals are sinners, Nobel Peace Prize winners are sinners, saints are sinners, everyone (Rom 3:23; Gal 3:11). Sin taints everything we do. Even our best deeds, our charitable works, our loving relationships, whether homosexual or heterosexual, are tainted by sin. …

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Jan 02

Thunder and Lightning, Sin and Truth

Thunderstorms are natural. They look beautiful, but they are dangerous causing much damage and loss of life. They are a normal occurrence in a world gone wrong. In the same way, greed is common in sinful people, and we human are all sinful. Separating out truth from error is difficult for sinful people. Many churches …

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Dec 31

Looking for a Sign from God

At the start of the new year I thought it would be nice to ask God for a sign, a prophetic word or a vision for the year ahead. I thought it showed respect and appreciation for God’s input. “What am I to do to further Your kingdom?” I prayed. I fasted for several hours. …

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