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Attached is an essay that discusses the problem of redemptive violence and proposes a way of looking at the atonement in a way that avoids the implication that the violence of the cross makes God appear vindictive.

My reflection on this issue is ongoing and the current version is dated 17/4/15. I welcome any comments to further advance this study.

I have removed the essay Christ the Saviour because it has been incorporated into my eBook of July 2018 which provides a more complete solution to the problem of violence and atonement. It my be downloaded from the 5icm Resource page and I will attach the PDF file here:

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Sep 06

Made in the Image of God

Image_of_God_-_essay_by_D_Thompson This essay is a revision of one that I wrote for my theological anthropology subject. It proposes a covenantal meaning of the ‘image of God’ phrase in Gen 1:27 to describe the creation of humanity. When I discovered this interpretation it opened up the possibility of understanding the violence of the cross in a …

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Apr 11

Christian Ethics

Here are some essays from my theological ethics course. Unemployment_and_Welfare Gay_Ordination

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Apr 11

Church History

Here are some essays from my Church History to 600AD course. Council_of_Chalcedon Clement_of_Rome

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Jan 26

The Goodies and the Baddies

Movie and TV story lines are simplified for the sake of brevity and to make it clear to the audience who the main characters are and what the issues are. Have you ever noticed in a movie that the bad guy, just before he meets his end, will do something particularly bad? This appear to …

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