Nov 18

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The Prayer Mission

The Prayer Mission is a short book about Christian prayer that surveys the many biblical passages about prayer to arrive at the conclusion that prayer is not an optional extra to the Christian life, but is an integral part of the Christian’s mission in life. If we are to have a relationship with God that transcends sterile religion, prayer is essential.

Topics covered include the different types of prayer, subjects for prayer, unanswered prayer, and the life of prayer. Jesus and his apostles taught the importance of prayer. It is a high privilege that is too much neglected. Paul’s encouragement to pray without ceasing is often brushed aside as being literally impossible. For the Christian mission to be successful, it must be conducted in prayer, unceasing prayer. The use of Scripture makes this conclusion irrefutable to Christians. The book presents a forceful challenge to see prayer as the means to connecting with God.

The book is a concise 55 pages (12,600 words), including Scripture quotations and pictures. Download the eBook in any format from Smashwords.


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